Heavy duty construction on this site

I’m in the middle of upgrading both the WordPress software and the design (K2) that is used on this blog. Please hang in there, it could get rough. *update* – the WP upgrade went smooth as butter. However, the K2 didn’t. My site was all messed up, so I’ve reverted to the older version again. I simply don’t have the time right now to mess with it. Hopefully I’ll get a moment in the next week or so to getRead more

New Photoblog or Just Playin?

I’ve been messing around with the idea of creating a straight-up photoblog with minimal writing for those visitors who seek only the imagery. I also would rather be able to display the photos in a larger size than the blog allows for. If you’ve been following me for a while you know that I have a gallery that hasn’t been updated in forever, a flickr account that is consistently updated but lacks my own personalization, a smugmug account from whichRead more

WordPress and K2 – Not Playing Nicely With Internet Explorer

Well after spending the better part of two hours installing a script which rotates the header image and creating a bunch of new images to spruce up this blog, I’ve found that it looks like absolute hell in Internet Explorer. Great. 99% of my time on a computer is spent with either Safari or Firefox – never I.E. – yet I realize a vast percentage of the population still loves the archaic browser (why, oh why?). I’ll continue to useRead more

So What Do You Think?

Do you like the re-design? Bland? Boring? Simple? Clean? I’m not finished yet, but have made some definite progress today. I’ve implemented a variety of changes, some obvious, others not so much. It’s all in the details – like the menu above, the registration on the right side of the header (so you won’t have to always add your info if you want to comment), technorati tags, much more intuitive archives (check it out!). These changes should make the siteRead more

Time for Change

As another year rolls by with this site, I’ve decided to attempt an upgrade to this blog’s design, navigation, and layout. The software that I’ve been using for a while is WordPress – I’m going to do my best to upgrade to the newest version without too many bumps, but if something drastically goes wrong, you’ll know why! *Update* – I’ve managed to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress without any problems, but as I begin the customization process,Read more

16 Pixels

16 pixels is not a lot of room. How do you represent yourself in this [ ] amount of space? I spent the better part of an hour learning how to create favicons for work today. What the hell is a favicon? That little icon located next to the web address you just typed in. I figured I’d try out a few for personal use. It’s harder than it looks to represent your site in the space occupied by aRead more