Powerful quake strikes Indonesia – felt in Jakarta and Singapore

Although we’re fine here in Jakarta, this brings back memories from the Asian Tsunami. I live only two miles from the ocean, and barely above sea level. JAKARTA, Indonesia (CNN) — A strong earthquake measuring 7.9 in magnitude has struck near southern Indonesia, sending employees fleeing into the street and triggering a small tsunami. art.quake.ap.jpg Companies have ordered immediate emergency evacuations. Brian Shiro of the National Oceanic and Atmopheric Administration’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said the tsunami measured about twoRead more

Further perspectives on the flooding (via Ian's blog)

My friend, Ian, has shared his flooding experience on his blog. He had a bit of a different situation than I did, as he waited around another day before leaving Kelapa Gading – in the relative safety of a military truck versus the manure hauler we cruised in. Several of our friends houses and cars were damaged and we were inconvenienced somewhat but 1000’s of people lost everything – and as is typical in the developing world – it isRead more

How to help Jakarta's flood victims?

Some people have written me, asking how they could help some of the victims of the flood. It may be hard to believe, as not that many people lost their lives; but so many families have lost everything in the flood. Unfortunately, those people who lost everything are also the ones that would never have had insurance or some kind of safekeeping for their belongings. At minimum, I was able to put our important things on the second story ofRead more