So many online groups, so little time. Flickr, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I’ve started taking a look at Jaiku. I’m always up for trying something new, but admittedly find it a bit overwhelming to have: a blog, flickr, twitter, myspace, facebook, friendster (ok, so I tried it), multiply, vox, regular chat accounts, not to mention the offline life. So I’m feeling as though I need to stick to a few very solid communities, groups, or technologies. What does Jaiku have over the others? What does Facebook have over Myspace? I’m still notRead more

Random Randomness

I’m sorry for being so sporadic with posting lately. This time of the year, my workload triples for about two months. Any time spent blogging is guilt ridden with, “damn I should be doing ____ instead.” Since I can’t crank out any decent photos or writing at the moment, I’ll leave you with a few random bits. This is awesome – a homemade wi-fi signal booster. One problem with the new MacBook Pro is the Airport signal strength; it’s actuallyRead more

Warning – odd post ahead. Coincidence? Chance? Reverse Deja vu?

To Novita’s great frustration, I’m a perfected skeptic. Living in a country that is embedded with a foundation of belief in the supernatural, that’s a hard perspective to view things from. Whenever the cheezy tv programs show “ghosts” (otherwise known as lousy video tricks), I simply laugh in amazement that anyone would be drawn to their crap. Admittedly, I’m very open minded. I will listen to anyone’s perspective, and enjoy reading up on a plethora of subjects despite not necessarilyRead more

Why do you blog?

A very nice communications student from Sweden wrote me, asking permission to ‘interview’ me with questions relating to blogging for her Masters thesis. I thought I’d share some of my answers. Please excuse the pretentious sounding answers. What factors determine whether something is worth blogging about for you? It completely depends upon my mood and the events surrounding me. Living in Indonesia, nothing is static for long. The culture, people, and environment are in a constant state of change. BloggingRead more

Notebook and Laptop Screens: Matte vs Glossy and Macbook Pro vs Macbook Screens

A crash course in modern Mac notebook screens: With the advent of the Macbook, Apple switched from a matte screen to glossy for the Macbook line. Many users welcome this change, as many people find that the colors are more saturated (blacks more black, etc), contrast may be higher (not always a good thing), and for things like movies and games, the screen may be more vibrant. The downside is that the glossy screens can double as a mirror inRead more

Is this site too slow to load?

Indcoup was kind enough to let me know that is very slow to load via his connection. I realize many of you are on absurdly quick connections in other countries, but here in Indonesia we’re ecstatic with 128kbps for $60/month (since there are no other options in our area other than dial-up). I have a feeling the youtube videos I posted from the floods are slowing this site down for many of you. I can also limit the numberRead more