Random Randomness

I’m sorry for being so sporadic with posting lately. This time of the year, my workload triples for about two months. Any time spent blogging is guilt ridden with, “damn I should be doing ____ instead.” Since I can’t crank out any decent photos or writing at the moment, I’ll leave you with a few random bits.

This is awesome – a homemade wi-fi signal booster. One problem with the new MacBook Pro is the Airport signal strength; it’s actually less able to pick up signals than Novita’s MacBook. Bummer huh? I believe it’s related to the aluminum casing vs the MacBook’s plastic. (less, umm, penetration?). I definitely will give this a try.

Been really getting into Adobe Lightroom. I think it’s got the potential to bring back more of the fun of photo editing. Many tools are actually much easier and quicker to use than Photoshop. I have Aperture installed on my Mac as well but have yet to put it through the paces. Here are a few Lightroom tutorials for those of you interested:

Inside Lightroom
Lightroom Journal
Lightroom Extra
Lightroom Killer Tips

I’ve been finally getting some of my dozen or so mini-DV tapes onto my hard drive but it’s sooo time consuming (and eats up space like crazy). If anyone’s keen on learning more about getting your home videos onto your hard drive: ask metafilter has some decent advice.

As you may have read, my sister is coming to stay for a month! I haven’t seen her in three years, so I’m pretty happy. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to take her around except for weekends. Any ideas for day trips / weekend getaways / Jakarta jaunts?

I’ll be selling prints of my photography at the Jakarta Highland Games 2007 – more news to come. You think thousands of drunkards are a good market for me?

Ok, back to work once again. Guilt has settled in like the thick pollution outside my window.