Any guesses? I have started taking more interest in abstract photography. Although I have actually taken many; I’ve displayed very few. That was more of my focus while in university and recently I’ve lost touch with it. I’m bored with my own work and am seeking more experimental perspectives. Here’s my first example of what I’d like to continue to create (attempt at least). I’ve also come across many prints from Cape Town that have never seen the ‘net. IRead more

Strength and Beauty

Ok, ok, lemme clear this up. This picture is from Africa – not Java. Sorry about the misunderstanding. I saw this woman walking alongside a mountain road, and just couldn’t resist capturing the strength and beauty of the scene.Read more

This is near the Cape of Good Hope, in South Africa. It was as though the light couldn’t decide between dawn and dusk.Read more

Welcome to the Jungle

Home? Yeah, I’m wondering where that is. Is it Indonesia now? Is it America? Is it Cape Town? Well, at any rate, I’m back in Jakarta. The Marriot was bombed downtown only days before my return – how’s that for a welcome home! It feels a bit strange knowing that I was eating sushi in that hotel in June! I must be getting used to hearing these events because it didn’t even really surprise me. I’m buying a car nextRead more