The Apprentice Geisha of Gion (aka henshin)

A very helpful Flickr user posted a response to my photo “Geisha of Gion”. I thought I’d share the response, as I wasn’t aware of this at all. (Even after reading Memoirs of a Geisha 😉 ) I feel like such a tourist. — “Sorry, but this lady is just a regular lady dressed up as a maiko (an apprentice geisha) for the day. This act is called “henshin”. But this is a lovely composed picture! (1)really worn down orRead more

Photoblog (not this blog) down for a while

Unfortunately, my photoblog has been taken down for a while. As you may remember, I had a separate photoblog dedicated to just the images via thejavajive. It was receiving decent traffic, had a design which I thought was pleasing, and received helpful commentary regularly. You also may remember that it became infected with code-injection – malicious code – in June 2009. (feel like I’m in The Matrix saying that). I tried my best to resolve the issue, even bringing inRead more

What is your best photo of 2008?

Following in the footsteps of this thread on flickr, I’d like to see examples of your best photos of 2008. Taken or posted in 2008. Either submit a link to your image, or post to the thread on flickr and throw up a link so we can view it. Mine? I guess I’d say it’s between these (in no particular order), but it’s rather difficult to choose! Angkor Wat, Cambodia Tirthagangga, Bali Wat Pho Temple, Bangkok Siem Reap, Cambodia AngkorRead more

Kebaya: heavy manipulation not for everyone

This one wasn’t very popular on flickr. Perhaps the heavy manipulation isn’t for everyone. However, I believe she is more drawn to more heavily altered images, so I’ll be playing with a few different ideas. I tend to go light on the Photoshop side of things, so this could get interesting.Read more


East Bali overlooking a stunning sea of rice fields. This one made “explore” on flickr; not bad considering it’s been sitting on my hard drive since last summer and I wasn’t even considering uploading it.Read more