2009: A year of change, travel, and adventure

One of my greatest interests in life is to travel, experience, and learn more about other cultures. There’s nothing like soaking up all that a new country has to offer. I feel immensely thankful that my career allows us to travel extensively (always wish it could be more but don’t want to be greedy). 2009 was a year of drastic, yet positive changes with our move from Indonesia to Philippines. Change is what defined this year. 2010 should be moreRead more

Stonefish – one of the world's deadliest fish

One of the world’s most poisonous fish. It can kill a human within two hours. “They inhabit shallow waters along the coast. The stonefish is well camouflaged in the ocean, as it is a brownish colour, and often resembles a rock. This is why it is called the Stonefish.” It has thirteen sharp dorsal spines on its back, which each have extremely toxic venom. This was caught the same day I photographed it – in the very waters where weRead more

Backflip – multiple exposure image

Multiple exposure backflip into the pristine waters of Pulau Seribu, Indonesia The brave man is not me – that’s Roderick, a friend who operates the island we stayed on: www.pulaumacan.com. If you’re keen to stay there, I’m happy to provide more info, or put you in touch with him directly.Read more