Not sure I enjoy being a student again

I’ve had to pull back on my blogging this year due to my increased workload. In addition to working full time and managing a life outside of work, I spend many of my evenings and weekends completing coursework. Fortunately, this hellish workload should be finished by May and I can resume photography and blogging at my usual pace. In the meantime, I’ll continue positing as I can; I’ve managed to keep this thing alive for 8 1/2 years and amRead more

Earthquake in Manila

At about 1:30pm as I was sitting at my desk, the chair and table started swaying. Even after 8 months of living in Manila, I’m still not used to these earthquakes (I didn’t grow up with earthquakes). I work in Fort Bonifacio which actually lies right next to a huge fault line that runs up C-5; a bit frightening in some ways. Within seconds the confirmations of a quake came in not from the news but via Twitter: IRead more

Massive fire north of Makati, Manila – November 16, 2009

I looked out my living room window to see this massive blaze north of Makati, Manila. I searched the news and Twitter but didn’t see any reports at all. I took photos and video with the Canon 5D mk II and a 70-200mm + 1.4x teleconverter *Update* – I found the following news article this morning: MANILA – A fire hit a slum area in Mandaluyong City Monday evening and burned an estimated 1,000 homes affecting about 5,000 families. TheRead more

Massive explosion and fire in Plumpang near my home in North Jakarta / followed by flooding

At about 9:20pm, Sunday January 19 a massive explosion occurred at the Pertamina fuel depot behind my housing complex. I was speaking with Novita when the shockwave rocked my home, with a sound as if a linebacker had put his shoulder into my door. My first thought was of thunder or an earthquake. But then I realized it was an explosion. Walking out onto my balcony confirmed that thought – the sky was pulsating with a deep crimson. Huge flamesRead more