The Twitter Post

A phenomenon has swept across the internet. Twitter. No, it’s not new, in fact it was developed in March 2006 according to Wikipedia. I personally started using it in March of 2007, after reading Kottke proclaim: “Twitter is the first thing on the web that I’ve been excited about in ages. Like years. The last thing was probably Flickr.” I used it consistently since first joining, updating at a steady rate of about 1 ‘tweet’ per day. I approached itRead more

Photo Friday noteworthy

Picked up another ‘PhotoFriday’ noteworthy win with the photo, “Chimera” for the interpretation of “The Extraordinary”. Haven’t been posting much lately since my sister has been in town this week on her way from Australia to the States. She’s leaving today, and will be in the States for a month before heading back to the land Down Under. By the way, this is not why I was so ecstatic the other day. More news about that coming on Monday.Read more

My friend's sudden heart attack and his quick thinking (only 38yrs old)

My good friend and former co-worker (he left Indonesia last year) startled us all with news that he’d suffered a sudden heart attack after playing basketball. This is a man who has less than 10% bodyfat, eats well, and exercises on a daily basis. We were all absolutely shocked by the news, and it was only his quick thinking that saved his life. Unfortunately, I can’t imagine what would have happened had this occurred in Jakarta, considering the lack ofRead more

Why, hello there.

I’m getting back online after being, for the most part, away for two weeks. We had a 12 day holiday, but decided not to go anywhere this time. It was nice to chill, get organized, and brush up on some reading, exercise, and qt with Novita. We did a whole lot of nothing, but it was incredibly nice. I can’t deny that I’ll view my co-worker’s vacation photos from their wanderings in SE Asia without slight envy, but with aRead more

Dreamhost mistakenly charges every customer hundreds or thousands of dollars!

I’ve been using Dreamhost for a while now – a very happy customer in every possible way. Tonight I received a call from my credit card company that a suspicious charge had been made in an odd amount. It’s a card I very rarely use, so I told them to block the card, suspend the account, and issue a new card. I started receiving odd emails from Dreamhost stating that they’ve rebilled my account (despite already having a positive balance).Read more

Photoblog and other changes

Ok, the new and hopefully easier to remember address of my new photoblog has been changed. It is now (drum roll please…) : A new photo awaits you. Separately, I spent Sunday night geeking out, updating the software that runs this blog. I’ve upgraded to the latest installment of K2. All didn’t go so smoothly – the footer is trashed, but hey, it’s a footer. The search tool has resorted to the original, not the spiffy AJAX style. TheRead more