Why, hello there.

I’m getting back online after being, for the most part, away for two weeks. We had a 12 day holiday, but decided not to go anywhere this time. It was nice to chill, get organized, and brush up on some reading, exercise, and qt with Novita. We did a whole lot of nothing, but it was incredibly nice. I can’t deny that I’ll view my co-worker’s vacation photos from their wanderings in SE Asia without slight envy, but with a trip to Bali next month, and two months off starting in June, that sting will dissipate rapidly.

I realize most people would increase things like blog and photo posting when days are full of freedom, but I needed a break. I spend much of the day in front of a screen, hence my lack of updates when on any type of vacation. I think many people find that day-to-day, when online, there’s a feeling of a need to stay in the loop with email, chat, news, RSS feeds, social software, etc. And yet, when one steps away from the computer for a few days, that need quickly fades and may even be replaced by the awareness of how unnecessary much of that unending communication really is.

So, having said that, what’d I miss? šŸ˜‰