Feedback on blog design? Text? Header?

Ok, now is your chance to criticize the design I implemented last night. If you’re wondering why things are so dark around here, I A) wanted a change, and B) thought black would help to better set off the photos compared with the white I’ve used for years. How do you find the overall look? Is text easy to read? How about the header (was just playing around). Do you prefer the rotating header with photos that I’ve used inRead more

Why, hello there.

I’m getting back online after being, for the most part, away for two weeks. We had a 12 day holiday, but decided not to go anywhere this time. It was nice to chill, get organized, and brush up on some reading, exercise, and qt with Novita. We did a whole lot of nothing, but it was incredibly nice. I can’t deny that I’ll view my co-worker’s vacation photos from their wanderings in SE Asia without slight envy, but with aRead more

Blogging Bits: Flickr vs. WordPress vs. RSS?

I had no idea so many of you were viewing the blog via RSS, but it seems that the general consensus is that I have two separate groups of visitors – those that check out the blog and those that drop into Flickr. I’m guessing the Flickr community most likely doesn’t view the blog too often and now I see that many of you visit the blog and not Flickr – therefore, I will start posting more of ‘everything’ onRead more