Creating panoramic photos in Photoshop

Click here to see a larger version. Or here’s the ultra-cool Zoomify version. (gotta see this!) This image is a composite of fifteen Canon 5D 13mp RAW photos, stitched together using Photoshop CS3. The resulting image is so large, that it’s: Equivalent to 100 megapixels Is 20,000 pixels wide Could be printed nearly 10 feet long at high quality Is around 700mb in file size (only this one image will consume an entire CD) The process is quite easy ifRead more

Line of sight

A boat passes through the shimmering sunset like a gentle eclipse. I turn 30 today. I truly can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It seems like only yesterday I was in university… is this how the rest of life goes? Uluwatu, Bali Canon 5D 70-200mm@117 f/5.6 1/8000 sec ISO400Read more