Baboon in the Benz!

Ok, so I drove to the Cape Point today… basically the end of the earth, it’s the farthest point south in Africa, where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic meet. There are many signs around saying, “Do NOT Feed the Animals!”. I noticed there were many baboons – you know the big monkeys with the nasty asses that look as if a 5 pound fissure was cracking open from their anus? Well, I saw a rather obnoxious baboon trying toRead more

Reverse Culture Shock

I am still in Cape Town, South Africa – and will be for another two weeks. I haven’t written anything cause being in front of a computer is the LAST thing I feel like doing while I’m in such a beautiful place! I’ve been out hiking, getting lost, eating ostrich, adjusting to driving on the left side of the road, waking up without an alarm, reading, taking photos, and enjoying life away from Indonesia. Unlike December, there’s not a wholeRead more

Leaving For Cape Town

Well, I’m off to Cape Town tomorrow, so my writing will be limited in the coming weeks. I will be there for about a month! I’m so ready to get out of Indonesia… hopefully I can unwind and enjoy some cooler weather. Thanks to those of you who have written me, it’s nice to hear from those who actually read this! I’ll be sure to take some more photos, and will try to post some messages when I find time…Read more

Travel and Adventure

I have 4 weeks of vacation time beginning this Friday. I narrowed my options down to three choices: America, Cape Town S. Africa, or traveling around Southeast Asia. After considering how damn HOT Indonesia is, I pretty much knocked out the States and Asia of the running. So what if I went to Cape Town in December for a month? I absolutely love it there! However, this time will be much cooler, with a high temperature of around 70 degrees…Read more

Camps Bay, Cape Town

I guess part of what keeps me writing in here is the wonderful feedback I’ve received. I didn’t realize people were paying much attention until a few people were very disappointed that I had taken a break. I appreciate when people who read this give me a response… even if it’s negative. It motivates me to keep writing, and gives me a sense of purpose to know that I’m not shouting to the world upon deaf ears. If you haveRead more

Cape Town

Wow, that was what like 6 weeks with no entry? Damn. I guess I simply needed a break. I’ve also been overseas in Cape Town, South Africa for a few weeks – and the Internet has been the last thing on my mind. I’m still in Cape Town, leaving next weekend (Jan. 11). If anyone out there has ever seen Cape Town, you’ll understand my love for this city. It is definitely the most vibrant, resilient, and positive city I’veRead more