Camps Bay, Cape Town

I guess part of what keeps me writing in here is the wonderful feedback I’ve received. I didn’t realize people were paying much attention until a few people were very disappointed that I had taken a break. I appreciate when people who read this give me a response… even if it’s negative. It motivates me to keep writing, and gives me a sense of purpose to know that I’m not shouting to the world upon deaf ears. If you have any questions, thoughts, opinions, lectures, or just wanna say hi, I’m always up for talking to anyone.

On another note… I spent the day at a famous beach called Camps Bay in Cape Town… it got me thinking… Right now my body is accustomed to 24 years of Northern Hemisphere winters with wet snow up to your ass. Somehow, I haven’t quite grasped the concept of tropical winters because I still feel like summer never ended from 2002!

I was sitting there today soaking in the cancer when I realized something else – I hate winter. I hate being cold. And I don’t miss winter. Yeah, I’ll admit that the first few hours of a new blanket of snow hold a sense of peace and security unmatched by any other scene, but give it 2 days and you’re driving around in dirty slush tryin not to end up in a ditch. That’s not anything I miss anymore. Or the way your snot freezes in your nose if you breath the -10 degree air outside, the dampness that surrounds your shoes pretty much continuously after trapsing to your car, the way your ears hurt cause you’re too stubborn to wear a hat – I never grew out of that rebelious stage from childhood. I don’t miss the lack of not being able to exercise outside much for 3 months of the year. I don’t miss the overcast Michigan sky that shields the brilliance of the sun for at least 2 months and gives the landscape a monotone blandness.

I’m not too much into astrology, but I do know that I’m a Leo, and Leos love the sun. Maybe that’s my problem… I was never destined to live in a cold environment. Who knows, maybe in another year I’ll miss the cold, the snow, and the winter… from my perspective now – Hell No!