Criminals, Cops, and Cherokees in B.F.E.

The back of a Florida State Trooper’s police car doesn’t smell like I thought it would. I figured bad aftershave, stale coffee, and tired sweat would be the eau de jour. This one just had that pungent new car smell wafting through the steel divider. — What would have been an average, long, and boring 11 hour trip from Tennessee down I-75 to Florida turned into what my mother likes to call, “an ordeal”. Somewhere around Macon, Georgia, we stopped toRead more

Two more weeks until America – and a bit of miscellaneous rambling

In two weeks from today, we’ll be arriving in the States. I can’t wait. There’s a ton of work to be done between now and then, including wrapping up a lot of work and this little detail of moving condos. We’re probably completely insane, but we’ll be moving to a new condo only three days before flying out for the summer. Needless to say, I’ve been quite busy lately. While considering our flight halfway around the world and all ofRead more

Getting back to a healthier lifestyle

Getting back into healthier eating and lifestyle again. This is Day #2. (Today): Breakfast: omelette/black coffee. Snack: grapes/whole unsalted almonds. Lunch: baked fish/asparagus. Snack: salad/fruit. Dinner: fish or chicken w/ veggies. No food after 6pm. Lots of water, less coffee, minimal red meat, more green tea, more fish. No sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta. It’s not Atkins, or any specific “diet”; in fact it’s not a diet – it’s just sensible and healthy eating with reasonable portions. Something that can andRead more

Returning to Jakarta; returning to reality

In little more than 12 hours, we’ll be departing for Jakarta once again after having spent 2 months in the States, traveling around six states. It’s been a wonderful summer; a much needed respite from the craziness and speed of Jakarta. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every day, and fortunately, were able to visit much of the extended family. Brief summary: Our first two weeks were spent in Michigan, followed by over a month on a gorgeous lake in EasternRead more