Getting back to a healthier lifestyle

Getting back into healthier eating and lifestyle again. This is Day #2.

Breakfast: omelette/black coffee.
Snack: grapes/whole unsalted almonds.
Lunch: baked fish/asparagus.
Snack: salad/fruit.
Dinner: fish or chicken w/ veggies.

No food after 6pm. Lots of water, less coffee, minimal red meat, more green tea, more fish. No sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta. It’s not Atkins, or any specific “diet”; in fact it’s not a diet – it’s just sensible and healthy eating with reasonable portions. Something that can and should be maintained.

Will focus on less heavy weightlifting and more consistent cardio (for years it’s been the reverse). It’s time to get back into my college routine (I used to eat tuna out of the can, grilled chicken and veggies with no sauce or salt, grill in the Michigan winters with snow all around, run outside in January, and lift only to stay toned).

It’ll be tough but I’m disciplined when I set my mind to something. It’s time.