Getting back to a healthier lifestyle

Getting back into healthier eating and lifestyle again. This is Day #2. (Today): Breakfast: omelette/black coffee. Snack: grapes/whole unsalted almonds. Lunch: baked fish/asparagus. Snack: salad/fruit. Dinner: fish or chicken w/ veggies. No food after 6pm. Lots of water, less coffee, minimal red meat, more green tea, more fish. No sugar, rice, potatoes, bread, pasta. It’s not Atkins, or any specific “diet”; in fact it’s not a diet – it’s just sensible and healthy eating with reasonable portions. Something that can andRead more

Our puppy, Bailey, has parvovirus – a deadly disease affecting dogs

Last Thursday we took home a beautiful purebred American Cocker Spaniel; we named her Bailey. Born in November, she’s only 10 weeks old. We drove quite far to see her, the breeder had a litter of 6 total, and we were able to see the mother on the spot. Our friends came with us and actually bought her sister as well, named her Daisy. She had her first round of shots and papers to certify her pedigree. All seemed rightRead more

Quarter Life Crisis: Part One (Life as an Expat)

So begins a new phase in my life. My Quarter Life Crisis has officially commenced. I suppose a good way to deal with this is with some introspection, reflection, and a good round of bullsh*ting about whatever spills out of this confused mind. Without further ado, let the rambling begin. Life as an expat moves through a number of phases. There’s the initial, “Wow, it’s so different and interesting!” first few months of bliss with our newfound relationship with aRead more

The Spoiled Weighlifter

Ok, in response to Shaky’s questions about fitness and working out, I’ll post more answers – in a new post as they revolve more around the workout rather than the diet aspect. What time do you work out? Are you able to go at the same time each day? I’m not much of a morning person, therefore I pretty much workout in the late afternoon/early evening. There are many benefits to working out in the morning but I simply don’tRead more