Cape Town

Wow, that was what like 6 weeks with no entry? Damn. I guess I simply needed a break. I’ve also been overseas in Cape Town, South Africa for a few weeks – and the Internet has been the last thing on my mind. I’m still in Cape Town, leaving next weekend (Jan. 11).

If anyone out there has ever seen Cape Town, you’ll understand my love for this city. It is definitely the most vibrant, resilient, and positive city I’ve seen. Despite the political unrest, the people of this city remain friendly, welcoming, and positive. Part of that thinking stems from the fact that many of the people here are from other countries and have moved here for the beauty it reflects – which means that many are here on permanent vacation. I suppose if I lived in a paradise such as this, it would be hard to be pissed off. I think what makes Cape Town stand out so much from other cities is the international flavour. There is so much diversity and so many cultural differences that it’s amazing how respectful people are to one another. The only rude people I see here are tourists. I still consider myself a tourist, even though my mom lives here… but I’ve spent enough time to have a slightly more grounded perspective I hope.

The view from her home is stunning… if I glance to the south I see the famous Table Mountain, to the west is the Atlantic, the north holds the city of Cape Town, and if I gaze to the east I will see the wine lands and further yet is the Indian Ocean. I can’t imagine a more idyllic setting. You can have the pulse of a large city with all the feel of Europe and a Mediterranean climate, the amazing security found in a backdrop of ominous mountains, the peace and tranquillity found only in wine country, as well as the meeting of two completely different oceans.

You can find almost any activity here – diving, surfing, mountain climbing, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, windsurfing, hang gliding. I personally have been drawn to mountain climbing here. I love the feeling of accomplishment to view an amazing mountain from the ground and know that you conquered it – that you didn’t have any help. Once atop, you can view both oceans meeting as east and west friends in the distance. The Indian Ocean, warm and inviting, collides with the frigid, yet pristinely blue Atlantic.

The thing that strikes me most odd is that somewhere deep down, I have a home sickness for Indonesia. I can’t explain it. For some strange reason I actually feel excitement to go back in a week. It’s as though I miss the completely foreign culture that Indo offers, versus this beautiful landscape of Cape Town but familiarity of the Western cultures. People think I’m crazy for even living in Jakarta, much less for missing it! Maybe it’s cause I feel unfinished there – as if I have more to accomplish, and more to see. One day I’m sure I will find myself living in Cape Town, if only for a while, but for now, Indonesia is my new home…