Reverse Culture Shock

I am still in Cape Town, South Africa – and will be for another two weeks. I haven’t written anything cause being in front of a computer is the LAST thing I feel like doing while I’m in such a beautiful place! I’ve been out hiking, getting lost, eating ostrich, adjusting to driving on the left side of the road, waking up without an alarm, reading, taking photos, and enjoying life away from Indonesia. Unlike December, there’s not a whole lot that I miss of Java from being away. I suppose that’s a sign that I’m not ready to go back yet… good thing I still have two weeks left!

Even though there’s a chill in the air, at least we’ve had bright sunshine most of the days. Instead of renting a car, a friend let me use his Mercedes – a much nicer option. So, life is great – and I still am drawn to this vibrant city… I’m not sure when, but I’m sure I’ll find my way here eventually as a home.

I hope to have some great photos to share upon my return.