Cameras, Corvettes, and Confusion

From my brother’s gallery: What does a Corvette have anything to do with cameras? Absolutely nothing, but that’s a privilege of writing your own blog. I just heard that my brother crashed my dad’s Corvette last week. Apparently he hit a deer (or rather, the deer hit him) and caused him to do a 180 spinning into a ditch. Both are bruised and battered I’m sure, but fine otherwise. He’s currently hosting a photographic exhibit at the University of Michigan.Read more


Any guesses? I have started taking more interest in abstract photography. Although I have actually taken many; I’ve displayed very few. That was more of my focus while in university and recently I’ve lost touch with it. I’m bored with my own work and am seeking more experimental perspectives. Here’s my first example of what I’d like to continue to create (attempt at least). I’ve also come across many prints from Cape Town that have never seen the ‘net. IRead more

This is near the Cape of Good Hope, in South Africa. It was as though the light couldn’t decide between dawn and dusk.Read more

Photography in Posts

I have started the process of embedding some photos within my posts. As of now, every photo you see was taken by me. I have a strong love of photography and hope to share some of my experiences with more than words. All of the photos were taken in either Cape Town, South Africa or from the islands of Java, Bali, or surrounding islands in Indonesia. I still wish to maintain simplicity.Read more

Fake Plastic Christmas Tree

Apparently that’s what I’ll have this year. Believe it or not, it’s a bit tough finding natural 8 foot pine trees in Jakarta. Well, and the fact that the country is 90% Muslim. This will be the first time in my life when I’ll have to relinquish the smell of pine needles, the impossible task of balancing the tree, and the never-ending fight to give more water to the tree than blood from my arm getting scratched on branches. Somehow,Read more