New galleries on SmugMug and I’ve reduced prices

I spent the weekend sorting 9TB of data, and sorting through photos. I figured it’s time to start uploading some of my work to SmugMug once again. I’ve been a member since 2005 but haven’t even come close to utilizing it properly. One gallery that I’ve been exporting to contains images you may have seen: Aliwan Festival. I also decided to reduce my prices a fair amount in order to spur some additional sales of my works. My equipment costsRead more

My newest adoration: iPhone 3G

A very kind soul has been generous enough to pick up an unlocked (by Apple) 16GB iPhone 3G from Hong Kong for me! The kind soul’s name is Brett, a Kiwi expat who has been living and working in Jakarta since 2005. He’s kindly agreed to trade prints of my photos for the iPhone, and I thought I’d take a moment to publicly thank him for going out of his way to get a hold of one of these amazingRead more

Photography is not always about the equipment (and Photofriday)

Occasionally we all need reminders that photography is not only about equipment. We spend thousands of dollars getting into the latest dSLR, drop a cool grand on the sharpest “L” series lenses, and go to great lengths to capture the most imaginative images possible. This morning, I received notice that I’ve “won” the photofriday challenge this week. Photofriday is a weekly competition with participants from across the globe. On Friday they release the theme word for the week, “mountain, cold,Read more

Five year blog anniversary

Unbelievably, this blog just turned 5. I truly cannot believe I’ve kept it going this long. It’s been through many iterations both in regards to style and content. It began as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, basically an avenue to avoid mass emailing. It morphed into a place for venting frustrations of an expat living in Jakarta, random ramblings, and finally more as a photoblog with less frequent writing. I’ve never tried to play theRead more

Offering desktop wallpaper to promote photography?

What do you think? Is it worthwhile to create desktop wallpaper to download for free in an effort to drum up more awareness for an artist’s photography? Not necessarily the images which are sold as prints, but perhaps images taken with the sole purpose of distributing as wallpaper. Good idea or bad? Worth the effort? Selling my soul to the devil? (or would that be micro-stock photography) By the way, has some great wallpaper for free in a varietyRead more

Random Randomness

I’m sorry for being so sporadic with posting lately. This time of the year, my workload triples for about two months. Any time spent blogging is guilt ridden with, “damn I should be doing ____ instead.” Since I can’t crank out any decent photos or writing at the moment, I’ll leave you with a few random bits. This is awesome – a homemade wi-fi signal booster. One problem with the new MacBook Pro is the Airport signal strength; it’s actuallyRead more