Five year blog anniversary

Unbelievably, this blog just turned 5. I truly cannot believe I’ve kept it going this long.

It’s been through many iterations both in regards to style and content. It began as a way to keep in touch with family and friends, basically an avenue to avoid mass emailing. It morphed into a place for venting frustrations of an expat living in Jakarta, random ramblings, and finally more as a photoblog with less frequent writing.

I’ve never tried to play the ‘best blog’ game, never cared much about ranking, search engine optimization, haven’t gotten caught up in the Indonesian/expat catfights, and am completely satisfied with reaching a modest audience. I’ve never tried to make money from ads, etc (other than linking to prints for sale). I’m sure there are many ways in which I could improve things, and as you know I’m always receptive to advice and comments.

I never imagined I’d keep it going this long, but then again, I only planned to stay in Indonesia for a year or so.

At times, I’ve come close to removing all the older posts that are downright immature, but realize that everyone has to start somewhere. People change. Looking back to November 2002, I see a naive 25 year old. There are times when I’d like to go back and give him a swift kick in the ass, but hopefully those of you delving into the archives will see positive changes over the years.

In this time, photography has transitioned from a strong interest to a true passion which will stay with me forever. Whether I develop into a full-blown photographer at some point or not remains an unknown, but either way, it’s been an interesting ride.

I still shy away from writing too much about my personal life – not because I’m coy or mysterious, but rather out of the knowledge that I’ve never hidden my full name from the blog, that I’m still a “bule” in a foreign land, and the sad truth that I’ve had to deal with half a dozen quite serious threats and stalkers – especially relating to Novita. For the most part I’m trying to protect her. I still haven’t settled on an ideal way to avoid this problem, and realize many people would like to know a bit more. Ideas?

In 2001 if you told me I’d be living this life in this land, with such dramatic changes in only six years, I’d have laughed you out of my face. So why not apply this thinking to the next six? I live my life one year at a time right now. I have no idea what’s next, and in some regards, that’s the way I like it.

But know that whatever happens, I’ll keep this blog/photoblog up and running for as long as I can. For those of you who’ve stuck with me through the years, I thank you. To those who’ve recently stumbled upon my work, welcome, and I hope I can hold your interest.

Here’s to another year of ‘javajive’. Terima kasih.