New galleries on SmugMug and I’ve reduced prices

I spent the weekend sorting 9TB of data, and sorting through photos. I figured it’s time to start uploading some of my work to SmugMug once again. I’ve been a member since 2005 but haven’t even come close to utilizing it properly.

One gallery that I’ve been exporting to contains images you may have seen: Aliwan Festival. I also decided to reduce my prices a fair amount in order to spur some additional sales of my works. My equipment costs far more than a non-professional should be spending, so any print that sells is appreciated. Not sure I want to resort to something like microstock selling for pennies on the image. 🙁

Have a look:

If you’re keen to join SmugMug, here’s a code for $5 off a SmugMug account: JjSi7o2idSEnc or you can input my email address.

There’s definitely more to come – lots of photos that none of you have ever seen before.