My newest adoration: iPhone 3G

A very kind soul has been generous enough to pick up an unlocked (by Apple) 16GB iPhone 3G from Hong Kong for me! The kind soul’s name is Brett, a Kiwi expat who has been living and working in Jakarta since 2005. He’s kindly agreed to trade prints of my photos for the iPhone, and I thought I’d take a moment to publicly thank him for going out of his way to get a hold of one of these amazing devices only days after they were launched!

In addition to working for a “global intellectual property consultancy firm” (fancy way of saying he’s a lawyer), he also runs a very well written blog – Check out some of his recent rants, especially the posts regarding, “What’s wrong with America?” and “Ramadhan ranting“.

A testimony to Brett’s genuine decency: he only knew me online via the blog before picking the iPhone up for me! Novita and I met up with him last week and spent some time conversing.

So, you may have caught my posts on Twitter regarding having had an amazing day – well this is why. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been this enamoured with a device/gadget. I know, I’m sounding like the very epitome of a consumer, but honestly, this is one tool I’m able to get a ton of use out of. More to come regarding the actual phone.

In the meantime, please drop by Brett’s blog and have a look around. Some wonderful writing going on there.