Twitter downturn? Nah, it’s just me, methinks. aka Twitter’s future in 2010.

A funny yet predictable observation: I’ve been too busy these past few months to utilize Twitter in the same way as I did last year, and noticed a few things: 90% of the people I used to converse with on a daily basis 12 months ago no longer communicate with me, nor I with them (nothing negative, just factual). I spend perhaps 70% less time on Twitter currently than I did last year – hmm, correlation perhaps? The statement “YouRead more

Hong Kong: Skyscrapers, supercars, supermodels and… hiking trails?

I just spent five days in Hong Kong, and was shocked by how it shattered my preconceived notions of what it was all about. Perhaps my perceptions have changed having lived in Jakarta and Manila since 2002, but I had expected something more gritty, more industrial, and definitely less green. I was pleasantly surprised by the bustling city; I found it exciting and cleaner than expected. I was in a conference for half of my stay, so unfortunately didn’t haveRead more

My newest adoration: iPhone 3G

A very kind soul has been generous enough to pick up an unlocked (by Apple) 16GB iPhone 3G from Hong Kong for me! The kind soul’s name is Brett, a Kiwi expat who has been living and working in Jakarta since 2005. He’s kindly agreed to trade prints of my photos for the iPhone, and I thought I’d take a moment to publicly thank him for going out of his way to get a hold of one of these amazingRead more