Wanna hear something ironic? I have about 130GB of music and a 60GB iPod loaded to the gills. That’s equivalent to listening to music straight for months without ever hearing the same song twice. Somehow I’m completely.bored.with.it.all. I need some new inspiration, fresh artists, or old artists yet undiscovered. (or maybe I just need to hit “shuffle”) Any ideas?Read more

Aduh! Minta maaf!

I’m sorry guys, but I can’t post any photos or write much for the next few days. My hard drive decided to move on to greener pastures; taking a week’s worth of work with it. I now have to play catch-up for the next few days. I’ve been working pretty much non-stop, 15 hour days to get caught up from the data I lost. No gym, eating delivered food, and losing a tan despite basking in the glow of fluorescentRead more

Posting more personal information

I’ve been toying with the idea of sharing more personal information with those of you who’d care to listen. However, due to the miracle of Google, I think I’ll password protect some of the posts. Does anyone know if Google can pick up the writing if it utilizes a password? At times this blog gets lonely cause I have way too many stories to share that simply aren’t appropriate for this site and some of those visiting for photography orRead more

Prison Break: Maids

John left this comment regarding my maid posting: “escape out the roof at midnight to ‘hang out’ with the construction workers” 🙂 seems like you’re turning into an old fart. I guess I may as well come out with the full story of this one. It’s Friday and there’s nothing better to talk about at the moment. My next door neighbor has two maids: one about 17 years old, cute but knows it, and one a couple years older andRead more

Jakarta Floods 2007

Wow. What an experience that turned out to be. My last posting was written during the first day of rain when Kelapa Gading (my area in the north side of Jakarta) was flooded but still functioning. Things went quickly downhill from there. That night, torrential rains began falling and continued throughout the night. My wake up call came in the form of my air conditioner shutting off due to the power being cut. My initial reaction to that is toRead more

Handphones are destroying memories (handphone cameras vs point and shoot cameras)

What a bold statement to make, right? Having lived in Indonesia for half a decade, I’ve witnessed a revolution in handphone/cellphone technology – a revolution which swept across Asia and throughout the world. Upon my arrival, handphones were something you used to call someone with – and that’s about all. With the arrival of video and photo capturing abilities built into these pocket rockets, there’s little need to carry other gadgets around – or is there? I cringe when IRead more