WordPress and K2 – Not Playing Nicely With Internet Explorer

Well after spending the better part of two hours installing a script which rotates the header image and creating a bunch of new images to spruce up this blog, I’ve found that it looks like absolute hell in Internet Explorer. Great.

99% of my time on a computer is spent with either Safari or Firefox – never I.E. – yet I realize a vast percentage of the population still loves the archaic browser (why, oh why?). I’ll continue to use K2 with WordPress but need to investigate some ways to make it display more correctly across the board.

What exactly looks so bad in I.E.?

  • the title “javajive” is hitting the “register” button
  • the padding is all messed up – meaning my sidebar is hitting the edge instead of allowing some white space to ‘breath’
  • some icons aren’t supported (time of day, blockquotes, etc)

Oh well – I’m too busy currently to go back and alter all of the header images, so please excuse the mess I’m making of this blog and keep in mind that tonight at midnight – supposedly my domain will transfer to my new host. If all hell breaks loose, keep checking in; I have a long history of breaking things just to see if I can put them back together again. Must be my engineering roots crying out for attention.