Internet Explorer 7 vs Firefox

So I wanted to see what all the fuss was about regarding Internet Explorer 7. I’ve been a big fan of Firefox, but am always open to trying new things (bit of an adopter wanna-be). I’m not a Microsoft hater or anything, but have really come to love the philosophy behind open source. I couldn’t go back to life without tabs, either. Knowing that IE 7 incorporates many of these new changes, I promptly downloaded it today (on my workRead more

WordPress and K2 – Not Playing Nicely With Internet Explorer

Well after spending the better part of two hours installing a script which rotates the header image and creating a bunch of new images to spruce up this blog, I’ve found that it looks like absolute hell in Internet Explorer. Great. 99% of my time on a computer is spent with either Safari or Firefox – never I.E. – yet I realize a vast percentage of the population still loves the archaic browser (why, oh why?). I’ll continue to useRead more