Time for Change

As another year rolls by with this site, I’ve decided to attempt an upgrade to this blog’s design, navigation, and layout. The software that I’ve been using for a while is WordPress – I’m going to do my best to upgrade to the newest version without too many bumps, but if something drastically goes wrong, you’ll know why!

*Update* – I’ve managed to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress without any problems, but as I begin the customization process, this site may look a bit dysfuntional. I may temporarily mess up the archives and sidebar links – but in the end it should be better than before. Thanks, yet again, to Michael Heilemann and his amazing work with the K2 theme, which I look forward to using soon.

On another note, Indonesia’s government will be raising fuel prices, possibly doubling the cost of fuel in the next couple of days. People aren’t too happy. Demonstrations have already begun; I just hope they don’t escalate to 1997-98 type of rioting. More on this later.