So What Do You Think?

Do you like the re-design? Bland? Boring? Simple? Clean?

I’m not finished yet, but have made some definite progress today. I’ve implemented a variety of changes, some obvious, others not so much. It’s all in the details – like the menu above, the registration on the right side of the header (so you won’t have to always add your info if you want to comment), technorati tags, much more intuitive archives (check it out!). These changes should make the site much easier to navigate. Try the new “live search” – it starts finding information as soon as you type – cool huh? The commenting system is all new as well. The section on the sidebar called “asides” should be a place where I can drop new web links without the need to post about them or to add them permanently to the sidebar – kind of a dumping ground for new things.

The header image and color scheme may still be altered – but I’d like your opinions thus far.