Muara Karang – A Glimpse of the Past

Their day begins as most of the city slips into slumber. The fishermen of Muara Karang have a schedule all their own. The fish market of Sunda Kelapa is their version of the business district although the dress policy may not reflect that of the ‘other’ CBD in downtown Jakarta. If you have yet to visit the historic fish market, you truly are missing a plethora of sights and smells not seen many other places, even in The Big Durian.Read more

Featured on Yahoo! Homepage

I uploaded an image to flickr last week. Within a day it had 2,000 views. Within a week it was near 18,000. I heard a rumor that it was on Yahoo! homepage, but didn’t actually see it myself. Consider the mystery solved. Click on it to see the full PDF version. I know it’s lame to post something like this, but hey, we take what we can get, huh? Gloating rocks.Read more

Stalking Leopards

I was contacted by a reporter for the International Herald Tribune last week. She had come across my blog and asked if I’d compose an article for publication. The focus of the article was to convey expat experiences with having guests stay with you, “quirky, extreme, or unexpected stories”. So, for better or worse, here’s one of those stories I wouldn’t usually share! Jakarta. Famous for political strife, bird flu, and harboring terrorist cells, it’s also the gateway to Indonesia.Read more

Off to Bali!

We’re leaving for Bali in about 6 hours. We’ll be gone for the next 4 weeks (nice long break huh?), but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to check in and continue to post during our travels. I forgot to mention this before, but if those of you living in Indonesia have a chance, check out the latest issue of Kabar Magazine. The cover photo is one of mine and there’s a 5 page photo essay inside that I wrote.Read more

Winding Down

You may have noticed a bit of lag in my communication lately. These past two months have been among the busiest and most hectic of the 47 months since arriving in Indonesia. I haven’t been on a regular schedule at the gym in almost 8 weeks (been told by half-dozen people that I’m “shrinking” – ahh Indonesian charm!), I’ve had to turn down my friends’ invitations on almost a daily basis, and even Novita hasn’t had much time to beRead more

Small Exhibition

I’ve been ridiculously busy this week preparing for a small exhibition of my photos taking place this weekend. See, I love traveling, I love taking photos, and I don’t mind the hours of Photoshop spent tweaking each one that makes the ‘cut’. What I don’t enjoy doing is promoting my work. I suck at that. With the help of Novita, Treespotter, Avi, Ian, and a few others, I’ve been getting my butt in gear to finally start making something ofRead more