Off to Bali!

We’re leaving for Bali in about 6 hours. We’ll be gone for the next 4 weeks (nice long break huh?), but I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to check in and continue to post during our travels.

I forgot to mention this before, but if those of you living in Indonesia have a chance, check out the latest issue of Kabar Magazine. The cover photo is one of mine and there’s a 5 page photo essay inside that I wrote. Pretty happy with the results. It’s available at all the major bookstores / airports / etc.

I’m going to spend lots of my time these next few weeks trying to get my foot in the door to some of Bali’s galleries / hotels / etc for my photography. In the extreme side of things, I may even try to see what’s available for rent and possibly set up a gallery in Ubud of my work. Wish me luck!

There are a few of you that I still owe an email. I’ll try to get to a ‘net cafe in the next few days and whip out some messages. Minta ma’af.

We’ll be settling in Ubud tomorrow and probably for at least two weeks will be in Bali. We may or may not go to Lombok and the Gili Islands. My buddy and I were talking about hiking Rinjani – Indonesia’s second highest volcano. Guess we’ll see just how ambitious we’re feeling by then.

Take care guys. See ya when I see ya.