Small Exhibition

I’ve been ridiculously busy this week preparing for a small exhibition of my photos taking place this weekend. See, I love traveling, I love taking photos, and I don’t mind the hours of Photoshop spent tweaking each one that makes the ‘cut’. What I don’t enjoy doing is promoting my work. I suck at that.
With the help of Novita, Treespotter, Avi, Ian, and a few others, I’ve been getting my butt in gear to finally start making something of all this work I have. There are a number of different directions I’ll head with this, and I’ll discuss it more in detail in the near future. Step one will take place this Saturday. My print shop has been a busy bee preparing quantities of my prints at a variety of sizes.

I figure I’ll have 5 main sizes available for purchasing:

  • 8R (8×10″ or 20x25cm)
  • 8RP (8×12″ or 20x30cm)
  • 12RP (12×18″ or 30x45cm)
  • 40x60cm (16×24″)
  • And Big Daddy: 80x120cm (32×48″)

I’ll have a variety of pre-framed prints available at these sizes, and then will take orders for anything the customer desires.

I printed that Chimera 2 photo (last post) at each of those sizes to use as examples. The Big Daddy size was too big for the shop – they had to order a frame specially made for it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s BIG.

I’ll post a pic of this conglomeration later on. For now, I’m off to the print shop for the third time this week. Those of you living in Jakarta are welcome anytime to order any print you see on here, in any size, framed or not. I’d be thrilled to have my work hanging in your abode. ๐Ÿ˜‰