Photoshop Will End Blurry Pics Forever [via Gizmodo]

This. Is. Awesome. “The motion blur-killer, demoed at the recent Adobe MAX 2011 conference, is experimental at this point. The Photoshop rep on stage won’t say when it’ll be implemented—only that they’re working on it for some feature version. But it’s absolutely incredible. With only a few clicks, a blurry image is quickly analyzed, allowed Photoshop to discern exactly how the image was messed up. That is to say, if you accidentally moved your hand slightly to the right and down while the shutterRead more

Kebaya: heavy manipulation not for everyone

This one wasn’t very popular on flickr. Perhaps the heavy manipulation isn’t for everyone. However, I believe she is more drawn to more heavily altered images, so I’ll be playing with a few different ideas. I tend to go light on the Photoshop side of things, so this could get interesting.Read more