Winding Down

You may have noticed a bit of lag in my communication lately. These past two months have been among the busiest and most hectic of the 47 months since arriving in Indonesia. I haven’t been on a regular schedule at the gym in almost 8 weeks (been told by half-dozen people that I’m “shrinking” – ahh Indonesian charm!), I’ve had to turn down my friends’ invitations on almost a daily basis, and even Novita hasn’t had much time to be with me.

Finally things are winding down and the pace is slowing dramatically. Much of this insanity has been my own doing, as my photographic endeavors are finally starting to take shape. As I mentioned a month ago, I held an informal exhibition of my work. Fortunately, I was able to recoup all of my initial outlay in printing and framing costs and thanks to the expat community; make a decent profit to help rationalize my $700 lens purchases.

The “getting published” goal of mine is moving along pretty well. I’ll scan and post some pics of my most recent projects, including another KABAR cover and 4-5 page photo essay, an inclusion in the nation-wide German magazine “Max”, and photos published in a book listed on Amazon found in book stores around the U.S. (and world?). Elaboration will follow.

Tonight one of my good friends will have his ‘last stand’ before getting married next weekend. The festivities will commence around 1pm and will push through until about 4am. Ouch. If any of you happen to be out and about in Jakarta tonight, you’ll most likely recognize our group pouring out of the 30 person bus we’ve rented to light up the town. Should be interesting.

The next few weeks will be of a much slower pace. I will get back into my workout routine, will be traveling a bit with my brother, have a few guests staying with us, and will continue on with my photography goals. To those of you who’ve either written or called within the past few weeks, I apologize for being so distracted.

As of today – I’m back.