High in the Sky

Talk about a trippy trip. That had to have been quite honestly one of the oddest flights I’ve been on. I suppose it all started when shortly after take-off there appeared to be a heavy fog falling from the air vents above our heads. I’m sure it was simply the cooler air mixing with the sticky heat onboard. Normally, I would have dismissed this as nothing special (perhaps it wasn’t fog considering I ate the entire in-flight meal so vigorously).Read more

Speaking with the Sky

Tanah Lot – a Hindu temple well known around the world. It’s difficult to photograph something like this without leaving a feeling of “seen that before”. I would have enjoyed seeing it during sunset, but unfortunately was on a time constraint. I’m fairly happy with the results in black and white, but wish now that I would have captured it from more varied angles. In my opinion, some of the world’s best temples, buildings, and structures are taken from natureRead more