Lead Me Upstairs

Another awesome 3 day weekend getaway to the south coast. I took many photos, soon to be displayed – so if my “theme” tends to be leaning towards beach life for a little while, bear with me. I have such a strong attraction to the ocean that I can’t help but take too many shots. The weekend took a sharp downturn for the worst last night on the drive home as we encountered 6 hours of stop and go traffic.Read more

Cape Town

I just got my tickets today!! I’m so excited cause I’ve been “waitlisted” for 2 months. My mother actually moved from America to Cape Town, South Africa (all the way at the bottom of Africa) in the summer of 2001. I was there for 5 weeks last Christmas and will be able to stay for 3 weeks this time, joined by my brother and sister as well. Cape Town is probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Politics aside,Read more