Lead Me Upstairs

Another awesome 3 day weekend getaway to the south coast. I took many photos, soon to be displayed – so if my “theme” tends to be leaning towards beach life for a little while, bear with me. I have such a strong attraction to the ocean that I can’t help but take too many shots.

The weekend took a sharp downturn for the worst last night on the drive home as we encountered 6 hours of stop and go traffic. The cars, motorcycles, and buses drive absolutely insane – it can’t even be discribed in words. I had to make a “lock your brakes, oh shit we’re gonna hit ’em” type stop and balded my tire to the point that the belt is showing through, causing my Blazer to rock uncontrollably for the last 30 miles.

To top that off, somehow I forgot my suitcase either at the villa, or some punk stole it while I was unloading in front of my house. Either way, things didn’t go as planned for the last half of the day. I have my fingers crossed that they’ll return to me.

The beach was alive this weekend with Indonesians and tourists frolicking in the waves, dancing on the beach, and sucking every drop out of life with pleasure and smiles. The celebrations went on throughout the night and right on into the sunrise, ceasing finally near noon the next day.