Heat of the Moment

From a distance, most people assume these wonderful dancers manage to maintain their intensity without breaking a sweat. A zoom lens tells another side of the story. (view the larger size in flickr by clicking on the image) Christmas night, Ubud, Bali By the way – this was my girl’s dance instructor (she took lessons for 2 hours a day / 2 weeks) – and this dance was performed for 40 minutes straight – unbelievable endurance! Canon 350D – 70-200mmRead more

Fertility of Dreams

East Bali – one of the most captivating regions of Bali, yet one of the least visited. I cannot possibly capture the breathtaking allure of this scene with pixels and mechanics. There was something timeless about it, as if they were cultivating beauty, and not rice. Here are some shots from Google Earth that may help to show the region from above:Read more

Snorkeling on a Motorcycle

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I love about Singapore are the cavernous bookstores on Orchard Rd. I have an addiction to reading (when I have time) and find that it only makes my craving worse to be surrounded by towering shelves of goodness. There are simply too many subjects that I’m interested in. Here’s a typical path I may follow in no certain order: Photography, travel, new fiction, graphic design, computers, psychology, mountain biking, new non-fiction, classicRead more