Snorkeling on a Motorcycle

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I love about Singapore are the cavernous bookstores on Orchard Rd. I have an addiction to reading (when I have time) and find that it only makes my craving worse to be surrounded by towering shelves of goodness. There are simply too many subjects that I’m interested in. Here’s a typical path I may follow in no certain order:

Photography, travel, new fiction, graphic design, computers, psychology, mountain biking, new non-fiction, classic novels, technology, business, investing, marketing, economics, cultural studies, history, architecture, back to photography (always drawn to that area), science, physics, geography, travel writing, politics, car design, fitness, music, and probably a good hour browsing the magazine section letting a nice pile of the subscription cards stack up at my feet as I receive nasty looks from the staff.

Are you this random? Is this normal?

At any rate, I generally walk out of there having spent no less than triple digits. Here are a few things I picked up last week:

As I work through these, I’ll let you know what I think. I’m almost finished with Freakonomics – fascinating read but I’m sure it will spark some controversy in some circles.

Have you heard about the haze in Malaysia? Apparently it’s so bad that some companies have had to close temporarily – if there’s anyone from Malaysia or K.L. I’d love to hear your perspectives. Is it hard not to blame Indonesia for this problem? (It’s caused by the rampant burning on the nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra)

This is an actual image from the haze – no joke (not taken by me).

You guys may enjoy this… my most ‘interesting” photos (oops, didn’t realize only my login works… let me figure out a different way)