The "I will not post about Obama's inauguration" post

There’s no point. The entire world is blogging, posting, tweeting, flickring, chatting about the inauguration. Why bother to read more here? So, this post will be about… what I didn’t do during the inauguration. I didn’t go to the Ritz for a $200/person event to watch the inauguration I didn’t ‘not’ miss being in America during these times of excitement. I didn’t ‘not’ watch the inauguration despite having to stay up till 1:30AM and getting up at 6AM for work.Read more

Quietly freaking out about what the future may hold

It’s October, so it must be that time of year when I freak out about the future, to stay in Indonesia or not, to seek another career option, or simply maintain what I’ve been doing for so long now. It doesn’t help that the American economy has been thrown in the canal, nor that the Indonesian economy is now heading towards possible turmoil as well. It doesn’t help ease my mind to hear from expat friends and ex-coworkers who areRead more

We're off to America

Well, the day is finally upon us. Work is done, and the weight of the past 8 weeks is slowly sliding off my shoulders. We’ll be leaving around midnight for Singapore, then Tokyo, Chicago, and Detroit (will be slightly rough!). Hoping to make it to the Chicago region to see friends, Michigan, Tennessee, and possibly Florida. Unfortunately, my sister is in Australia, and my brother in Tokyo, so we won’t be able to catch up this summer. Might have toRead more

Being green under grey skies: environmentally reponsible in Jakarta?

As global warming and environmental concerns sweep across the world, it seems many people have started doing their part. Without realizing, it appears I’ve slowly become part of that crowd. Growing up in the States, my first two cars were 5.0 and 5.7 liter V8 sports cars – gloriously fast. Each got about 15 miles per gallon when I wasn’t getting into trouble. When I left the States in 2002, gas was around $1.50 / gallon – in 2001 itRead more