The "I will not post about Obama's inauguration" post

There’s no point. The entire world is blogging, posting, tweeting, flickring, chatting about the inauguration. Why bother to read more here?

So, this post will be about… what I didn’t do during the inauguration.

  • I didn’t go to the Ritz for a $200/person event to watch the inauguration
  • I didn’t ‘not’ miss being in America during these times of excitement.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ watch the inauguration despite having to stay up till 1:30AM and getting up at 6AM for work.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ relish watching old George dubayu leave the stage forever.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ try streaming CNN live via UStream to my iPhone.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ take photos of my TV screen out of excitement despite knowing I’ll likely never use them again.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ follow / interact with Twitter to gain perspectives from the world as a whole.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ feel slightly jealous at the fact that my cousin was ‘dead-center, only 200 meters from the podium’.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ wish I was doing something slightly cooler than laying in bed watching TV during such a prime moment in history.
  • I didn’t ‘not’ feel pride at being an American for the second time in a long time. (the first being the election win)