In America for the summer

We’re in America for the summer after wrapping up a frantically paced spring in Manila. There’s nothing like the Tennessee lake and sun to absorb stress and decompress from our metropolitan lifestyle. I’ve been enjoying a bit of a digital diet considering the extent to which I’m connected while in Asia. That means very little internet, minimal Facebook, Twitter or email. I hardly watch any TV when in Manila, and have kept that also to a minimum. We’ll be relaxingRead more

Earning supplemental income: How to make money in your spare time?

Money. As much as I strive to enjoy life without focusing on it, I’m beginning to feel that it’s time to seek out more financial security. The global recession, New Year’s resolutions, and the very lucid realization that I’m now in my 30’s has been the cause of such thinking. For the past seven years, I’ve lived in Jakarta on a decent salary, with sufficient housing provided, a car that’s paid off, maids that have cooked and cleaned, and haveRead more

The "I will not post about Obama's inauguration" post

There’s no point. The entire world is blogging, posting, tweeting, flickring, chatting about the inauguration. Why bother to read more here? So, this post will be about… what I didn’t do during the inauguration. I didn’t go to the Ritz for a $200/person event to watch the inauguration I didn’t ‘not’ miss being in America during these times of excitement. I didn’t ‘not’ watch the inauguration despite having to stay up till 1:30AM and getting up at 6AM for work.Read more

This article from 'Daring Fireball' pretty much sums up why I've been gushing over my iPhone 3G

From ‘Daring Fireball‘: Let’s just say it up front: the iPhone is the greatest piece of consumer electronics that has ever been made. If I could travel back 20 years and show my then 15-year-old self just one thing from the future of today, it would be the iPhone. It is our flying cars. Star Trek-style wireless long-distance voice communicator. The content of every major newspaper and magazine in the world. An encyclopedia. Video games. TV. Etc. Read the restRead more

Time and memories

My father’s airplane, hanging upside down, was cradled by a gentle nest of tree branches and power lines. The scene proved more than my delicate psyche could absorb having only experienced five years of development in this world. No one ever survives, my brief knowledge of plane crashes told me, formulated by viewing the height of action TV circa 1983. Half of my entire world revolved solely around this one man, and now he was leaving us? Moments later, IRead more