Digital downloads vs physical media: How will developing countries keep up?

There was an article on today making note of EA – Electronic Arts CEO saying: “When people think of games, they traditionally think, in the U.S., of what sells on the Xbox, the PlayStation, and the Wii, and they forget about all these online services that are out there… if you add all that stuff up, it’s almost half the industry now. It’s about 40 to 45 percent. Next year it’s likely to be the larger share of theRead more

Lagi sibuk / Sorry I've been busy

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month or so. Work is pretty crazy in the month of May, and what little free time I have is usually spent anywere except in front of a computer. In two weeks we’ll be in the States and things will be at a much slower pace. I’ve been very poor at responding to non-work related emails about the blog, my photos, Indonesia, etc, but please know that I WILL respond soon! IRead more

iPod Video

Just as I was thinking of getting a 4GB black iPod Nano – they release this – an iPod that plays video! It’s been rumored for so long, that it’s not nearly the surprise that it should be, but all in all, Apple is on quite a roll lately. They’ve also announced a number of other upgrades for the iMac (which I just bought in July – grrrr), as well as iTunes 6. I’m a bit of a gadget geek,Read more

Pensive and Proud

Thirty dollars a month – that’s the salary of this man. He sweeps and maintains the gardens near a temple in Ubud, Bali. Day in and day out he works to feed himself and his family. Thirty dollars – the amount spent on an average dinner for two. The price of two CDs. One ticket to Disney Land for the day. A tank of gas. A cheap pair of jeans. A 15 minute massage. A few coffees at Starbucks. ARead more