Lagi sibuk / Sorry I've been busy

Sorry for the lack of posts this past month or so. Work is pretty crazy in the month of May, and what little free time I have is usually spent anywere except in front of a computer. In two weeks we’ll be in the States and things will be at a much slower pace.

I’ve been very poor at responding to non-work related emails about the blog, my photos, Indonesia, etc, but please know that I WILL respond soon! I hope my lack of a prompt response is not taken as ignoring the authors; as I do read each and every message – generally the day it comes in my inbox. I simply haven’t had a chance to respond.

So what’s been happening on the personal front lately?

  • Lots of social events for work/colleagues leaving Indonesia
  • Tennis (I’m still learning) one of the major perks of living on the equator is outdoor sports in January in blazing sunshine.
  • Much less gym time (muscles deflating – gut increasing) aduh!
  • Prepping for the two months of summer in the States
  • Considering getting Novita a Canon 40D
  • Looking at photo backpacks (I’ve outgrown my Lowepro backpack and my Crumpler is only a messenger style) Checking out the Crumpler Karachi Outpost vs the Lowepro Vertex 300. Style vs functionality?
  • Doing pre-wedding pics for friends
  • Going to movies with Novita: Indiana Jones last night, Narnia before that and a few others. It’s $1.60 for movie tickets here – in a nice, clean, theater that’s quite empty.
  • Downloading lots of documentaries, etc for the summer when ‘net access and movies may not be a reliable option – loving Miro for that!
  • Reading: The Road and a Brave New World

Regular posting will resume shortly.