Fertility of Dreams

East Bali – one of the most captivating regions of Bali, yet one of the least visited. I cannot possibly capture the breathtaking allure of this scene with pixels and mechanics. There was something timeless about it, as if they were cultivating beauty, and not rice. Here are some shots from Google Earth that may help to show the region from above:Read more


A place where you must rub your eyes to believe in reality. Tanah Lot, Bali. ——— I finally have updated and polished my gallery. I’ve been neglecting it too long and have added the imagery which doesn’t always make it to the blog. Check it out!Read more

Speaking with the Sky

Tanah Lot – a Hindu temple well known around the world. It’s difficult to photograph something like this without leaving a feeling of “seen that before”. I would have enjoyed seeing it during sunset, but unfortunately was on a time constraint. I’m fairly happy with the results in black and white, but wish now that I would have captured it from more varied angles. In my opinion, some of the world’s best temples, buildings, and structures are taken from natureRead more