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  1. Lauren says:

    I have to say the black and white is more striking, from the vantage point that it allows the viewer to create their own color palette…and I’m a fan of personal interpretation.

  2. caram3l says:

    colour 😛 it just embraces the atmosphere and tunes my eye nerve

  3. The colors are very striking and bring the shot out; in the black and white the lack of color seem to make the image a bit flat – the sky is not as interesting any more. This is not to say that color will always be better, just in this shot I do think it brings the landscape to life.

  4. They are two different images with different attractions. I prefer to look at the color image. It’s a great sunset shot. Sunsets are all about color (in real life anyway), so why not show it? Answer (I suppose): To express something other than the beauy of it. The black and white version, to me, is an alternate dark, moody rendering. I know people argue about this, but to me photography is a form of expression, so the real question is what you want to express. In the end, it’s one of millions of sunset pictures. Personally, I love the picture of the girl sitting by herself (in color).

  5. Tracy Lee says:

    I really like the colour one in this. There are times when the B&W would win out in my opinion, but in this one the colours are too sticking to ignore.

  6. Erin Yuen says:

    It’s true. They evoke such different emotions from your audience. In the b&w photo, my eyes are drawn to the looming dark clouds and my mind jumps to what it will be like for the photographer and anyone else there once the storm commences. The color photo has a much more jublilent feel to it. It’s soothing to the eyes – it’s one of those moments in time you feel so grateful to have witnessed.

  7. sisil says:

    the colors are too beautiful… on some objects BW results in stronger impression, but for this case, definitely the color one.

  8. mandy says:

    they are both gorgeous photos. I like the colour one, it is just so powerful and creates an atmosphere of its own, unlike any thing you’ve seen before. I would love to see something like that in real life. I also like the black and white one. vintage-style. something i would put up on my wall, still powerful…in its own way

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