Kimono and yellow umbrella

Obviously I’d prefer if you view this one in the larger size (click through the photo or here’s the direct link). Taken in Kyoto, Japan, handheld in the rain. You may see this girl again in other photos which I’ll upload in the future, as I had previously asked her if I could take her portrait. I took a lot of photos in Japan based around different series and themes but still have yet to figure out a good wayRead more

Canon engineers held back by marketing department's "megapixel race"

From Yahoo’s “Tech Digest“: Canon engineers are being held back from developing new sensor technology by marketing departments in a “race for megapixels”, claims an employee of the Japanese photography company. The employee told Tech Digest that Canon have the technology to “blow the competition away” in terms of image sensors, but are instead being asked to focus on headline figures like the number of megapixels a camera has. When asked for his opinion on the Canon EOS 5D MarkRead more

Nintendo Wii – Japanese version a bad idea?

I have been toying with the idea of picking up a Nintendo Wii. I have an old XBox that I actually won from Taco Bell back in 2001 before they were even released, but haven’t even turned it on in months. I’m not much of a gamer; they just don’t hold too much interest for me, but I’ve heard lots of people saying the Wii experience is fun even for non-gamers. Worst case scenario, if I’m not into it, IRead more

My brother breaking Guinness records through music

My brother took part in helping to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert last week in Japan. More information can be seen here and here. TOKYO — Hundreds of Japanese musicians gathered in Omi, Japan, to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert. The previous record was set in Canada with a 181-hour concert, the BBC reported Saturday. A new world record, set by Japanese musicians aged 6 to 96, now stands at more thanRead more