My brother breaking Guinness records through music

My brother took part in helping to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert last week in Japan. More information can be seen here and here.

TOKYO — Hundreds of Japanese musicians gathered in Omi, Japan, to break the world record for the longest non-stop concert.

The previous record was set in Canada with a 181-hour concert, the BBC reported Saturday.

A new world record, set by Japanese musicians aged 6 to 96, now stands at more than 182 hours. About 2,000 songs were played during the concert, with the breaks in between acts lasting no longer than 5 minutes.

One musician even carried on playing despite a major earthquake that hit during her piano piece.

“This pianist was amazing. The whole place was shaking quite badly but she went right on playing,” one of the organizers said. “Even an earthquake couldn’t stop us.”

An official from Guinness World Records was there to confirm when the record had been set.