First week back

Back in Jakarta. Clear head. Stress reduced. Repackaged. Despite rolling into Jakarta’s smog and absurd traffic within minutes of landing on Saturday, I was surprisingly able to maintain a positive outlook. The summer away was the perfect drug for starting fresh. I’m going to try my best to view Jakarta with the fresh eyes that I had over six years ago, and ‘go with the flow’ to the best of my ability. I used to be able to observe evenRead more

Productivity, Organization, and Getting Things Done

Lately an overwhelming feeling of ‘things I gotta do’ has taken over my mind and my free time. I think as technology and stress continues to grow exponentially, this won’t subside anytime soon. The best solution will come from learning to cope and manage these areas. As any proud procrastinator would proclaim, it’s all too easy to shut down and ignore all of your responsibilities rather than face them head-on. (A mantra I’ve tried to leave in my past). WhatRead more

The Spoiled Weighlifter

Ok, in response to Shaky’s questions about fitness and working out, I’ll post more answers – in a new post as they revolve more around the workout rather than the diet aspect. What time do you work out? Are you able to go at the same time each day? I’m not much of a morning person, therefore I pretty much workout in the late afternoon/early evening. There are many benefits to working out in the morning but I simply don’tRead more

How to Feed a Gym Rat

I’ve been a bit short on posting lately, as much of my free time has been sucked up by the gym. Four weeks of vacation puts a damper on staying in shape, so I’ve been very dedicated in getting back into it. On that note, a few people have written me about fitness, etc (not that I’m one to follow in that dept., but am willing to help in any way). So here’s a pretty good protein shake recipe forRead more

Kabar Magazine – My Submissions

There’s a new magazine in town called “Kabar” – geared towards the English speaking residents of Indonesia, but not necessarily expats. I’ve been in contact with the editor, a very cool cat named Avi, and have contributed some material for this month’s issue. If you happen to see the magazine around (bookstores, cafes, hotels, fitness clubs?), you may recognize the cover – the blue warung boards I shot a few weeks ago. Inside, there’s an article with photos that IRead more

Dancing with Light

As you may have noticed I’ve been on a bit of a vacation – from the web, from writing, and from creativity. Call it a burnout, laziness, lack of motivation, blogger’s block, or just plain busy. The images above represent a new beginning for some of my photographic goals – to break out of my self-created shell. I need new material, new approaches, and new results. I hope the latest work has shown a change in direction from my usualRead more